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All config file options

Constants and variables

#editcategorytypepurposeallowed valuesdefault
3admin_auth_moduleauthenticationvariableclass for authentication of the administratorclass
4allow_updateradminconstantEnable Automatic Updatertrue, falsetrue
5allowed_referrerssecurityvariableDomains that can refer to the phpList systemarray of domainsempty array
6attachment_repositorysystemvariableLocation where uploaded files are storedA webserver writable pathno value
7blacklist_gracetimesubscriber managementconstantNumber of minutes to allow sending a message after blacklisting a subscriberinteger5
8bounce_mailbox_purgebounce managementvariabledelete bounces from the mailbox once they have been processedtrue false 0 1true
9bounce_mailbox_purge_unprocessedbounce managementvariableDelete bounces from the mailbox that were not matched to be for a campaign or subscriber (unidentified bounce)true false 0 1true
10bounce_protocolbounce managementvariableWhat method to use to fetch bouncespop mboxpop
11bounce_unsubscribe_thresholdsubscriber managementvariableHow many consecutive bounces to consider before marking a subscriber unconfirmedInteger5
12check_for_hostsubscriber managementvariableVerify that the HOST part of an email address is a deliverable domaintrue false 0 10
13database_connection_compressiondatabasevariableUse compression in the mySql database connectiontrue falsefalse
14database_connection_ssldatabasevariableUse SSL when connecting to the databasetrue falsefalse
15database_moduledatabasevariablethe file holding the database
16default_system_languagei18nvariableLanguage to use when it cannot be determined from the contextISO code of the languageen
17export_mimetypesubscriber managementvariableThe mime-type sent to the browser for the export filea mime-typeapplication/csv
18installation_namesystemvariableName a phpList installation to be able to distinguish different installationsstringphpList
19language_modulei18nvariableThe default language for the frontendany of the files in lists/texts/
20message_envelopebounce managementvariableThe email address where bounces will goone single valid email addressno value
21noteditableconfigadminvariableSuppress certain config values from being editable in the admin pages.array of valuesempty array
22pagerootsystemvariableLocation of phpList in relation to the web server roota valid path/lists/
23phpmailer_smtpusersystemvariableSTMP Authentication usernamestringno value
24phpmailer_smtppasswordsystemvariableSMTP authentication passwordstringno value
25plugins_disabledsystemvariableDisable selected pluginsarray of plugin namesempty array
26require_loginsecurityvariableActivate the authentication system0 11
27table_prefixsystemvariableprefix for all table namesstringphplist_
28tmpdirsystemvariableLocation to place temporary files, when neededwritable path for webserver/tmp
29usertable_prefixsystemvariableprefix for subscriber related datastringphplist_user_
30access_control_allow_originsecurityconstantBlock requests from an incorrect locationhttp://'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']
31access_control_allow_originssecurityconstantBlock requests from an incorrect location, but allow multiple domainsarray of domainsundefined
32add_email_throttlesecurityconstantLimit the use of the Add email in the send test functionalityAny number1
33admin_protocolconstantenforce HTTPS on admin pageshttp httpshttp
34allow_attachmentscompositionconstantChange ALLOW_ATTACHMENTS from 0 to 1 to turn on attachment support. You'll note on the send a message page that there's an additional tab labeled Attach. Click on this tab while preparing your message to add attachments. The attachment tab will display the current (server-set) size limits and allow you to browse for new files to attach. Attachments on text format messages are accessed via a URL included at the bottom of the message. Since phpList 3.4.2 those links will open attachements directly from the browser.0 1 true false0
35allow_deletebouncebounce managementconstantEnable deletion of bouncestrue false 0 11
36allow_importsubscriber managementconstantEnable import functionalitytrue false 0 1true
37allow_non_list_subscribesubscriptionconstantDo not require choosing a list to subscribe totrue false 0 10
38always_add_usertrackstatisticsconstantAlways add the tracking image to campaignstrue false 0 11
39askforpasswordsecurityconstantAsk subscribers to enter a password for their profile when they registertrue false 0 10
40attributevalue_reorder_limitsegmentationconstantdisallow ordering the attribute values where there are more than this amountnumber100
41aws_accesskeyidawsconstantThe access key for using Amazon SESno value
42aws_posturlawsconstantThe URL for Amazon AWS
43aws_secretkeyawsconstantSecret key for sending with Amazon SESstringno value
44blacklist_email_on_bouncebounce managementconstantAdd an address to the blacklist when it has bounced too many timesAny number5
45block_pasted_clicktracklinkscompositionconstantDetect clicktrack links in the content and block sending the campaign if foundtrue false 0 10
46check_referrersecurityconstantVerify that the referring web page is allowedtrue false 0 11
47check_sessionipsecurityconstantVerify the session of the logged in administratortrue false 0 11
48clicktrackstatisticsconstantEnable tracking of clicks in campaigns via URL rewritingtrue false 0 11
49clicktrack_linkmapstatisticsconstantDefine a mod-rewrite mapping of clicked linksA sensible stringno value
50clicktrack_showdetailstatisticsconstantShow more detail in the statistics when tracking clickstrue false 0 10
51date_end_yearsegmentationconstantSet the end year for any date dropdownany sensible year0
52date_start_yearsegmentationconstantSet the start year for any date dropdownAny recent year1900
53db_translationi18nconstantNo ideatrue false0
54default_messageagequeue processingconstantAmount of time to allow sending a campaign, until it is considered too oldAny sensible number604800
55default_mimetypecompositionconstantFallback for the mimetype when it could not be determineda sensible mimetypeapplication/octet-stream
56devsitesystemconstantRun phpList in development modetrue falsefalse
57domain_auto_throttlequeue processingconstantAuto throttle sending to domainstrue false 0 10
58domain_batch_periodqueue processingconstantTime frame for domain throttlingAny number larger than 1120
59domain_batch_sizequeue processingconstantAmount of mails to allow being sent to the same domain in the indicated timeAny number larger than 01
60emailtextcreditsrenderingconstantUse text credits for phpList in emails, instead of an imagetrue false 0 10
61email_address_validation_levelsubscriber managementconstantA choice of level of validation of an email address0, 1, 2, 3, 43
62embedexternalimagescompositionconstantpull external images and embed them in campaignstrue falsefalse
63embeduploadimagesrenderingconstantAdd uploaded images as embedded images when sendingtrue false 0 10
64empty_value_prefixsegmentationconstantSet a dropdown prefix which indicates no valueA short string--
65encryption_algosecurityconstantThe encryption method to use when encrypting passwordsany algorithm accepted in your PHP system, see
66encrypt_admin_passwordssecurityconstantEnable encryption of admin passwordstrue false 0 11
67error404pagesystemconstantAllow a custom file-not-found pagefilename in webroot
68export_excelsubscriber managementconstantFormat the export file to allow use in Microsoft Exceltrue falsefalse
69fckimages_dircompositionconstantLocation for uploading images in the FCKeditorDirectory name in the "lists" directoryuploadimages
70filesystem_attachmentscompositionconstantAllow adding attachments from the filesystem of the server phpList is running ontrue false 0 10
71forward_alternative_contentsocial networkingconstantEnter different content for the message that is forwardedtrue false 0 1false
72forward_email_countsocial networkingconstantNumber of email addresses allowed to enter when forwarding a messageA number1
73forward_email_periodsocial networkingconstantLimit the time period for reaching the maximum forwarding amountA valid mySQL INTERVAL value1 day
74forward_personal_note_sizesocial networkingconstantAllow a personal note to be added when forwarding a messageA number (size in bytes)0 (disable)
75hash_algosecurityconstantThe hash method to use when hashing passwordsany algorithm accepted in your PHP system, see
76htmlemail_encodingrenderingconstantSet the transfer encoding for the HTML part of the generated messages8bit 7bit base64 quoted-printablequoted-printable
77import_filesizesubscriber managementconstantMaximum size of an import fileNumber (in MB)5
78keepforwarderattributessocial networkingconstantUse the attributes of the subscriber for placeholder when forwarding a messagetrue false 0 1false
79language_auto_updatei18nconstantAutomatically update translations when the filesystem file is newer than the last updatetrue falsetrue
80language_switchadminconstantAllow changing language using a dropdowntrue false 0 11
81mailqueue_autothrottlequeue processingconstantAutomatically slow down sending the queue to spread the batch size across the batch period.true false 1 00
82mailqueue_batch_periodqueue processingconstantThe time allowed for sending a batch.Any number3600
83mailqueue_batch_sizequeue processingconstantBatch processingA number higher or equal to 00
84mailqueue_throttlequeue processingconstantAdd a delay between messages to avoid overloading the server.Any number, even fractions0
85manually_process_bouncesbounce managementconstantProcess the bounces in the admin interfacetrue false 0 11
86manually_process_queuequeue processingconstantSend queued messages from the admin interface.true false 0 11
87maxlistsegmentationconstantThe maximum number of lists a non-superuser administrator can haveAny positive number1
88max_avatar_sizesubscriber managementconstantSize of file for avatarAny sensible number2000
89max_msg_ppconstantLimit the amount of results listed in a pagepositive number5
90max_processqueue_timequeue processingconstantLimit the time that can be used to process the queueAny number99999
91max_process_messagequeue processingconstantHow many campaigns to process at the same timeAny positive number5
92max_sendprocessesqueue processingconstantNumber of simultaneous sending processes allowed11
93max_user_ppconstantLimit the amount of results listed in a pagepositive number50
94merge_duplicates_delete_duplicatesubscriber managementconstantWhen merging duplicate subscribers, remove the duplicatetrue falsetrue
95messagequeue_preparequeue processingconstantRun the queue in a two-process waytrue false 0 10
96message_sendstatus_inactivethresholdqueue processingconstantHow soon to say a campaign being sent is "stalled" or not sendingAny number120
97message_sendstatus_sampletimequeue processingconstantThe number of second to sample for a running campaign, to calculate the send speedAny positive number600
98mimetypes_filecompositionconstantFile containing the Mime-types of binary filesstring pointing to a file with mime-types/etc/mime.types
99nostatscollectionfeedbackconstantSwitch off collection of statistics0 1 true falsefalse
100notify_spamanti-spamconstantSend an alert when spam was blockedtrue false 0 11
101numattachmentscompositionconstantHow many attachments to allow uploading in one go.Any positive number1
102pagetextcreditssubscriptionconstantUse text credits for phpList on pages, instead of an imagetrue false 0 10
103password_change_timeframesecurityconstantTime allowed for an admin to use the token to change their password.A valid mySQL INTERVAL value1 day
104phpmailersystemconstantUse phpMailer for sendingtrue false 0 11
105phpmailerblasthostqueue processingconstantSMTP server to use when sending the actual campaignThe FQDB of the serverPHPMAILERHOST
106phpmailerblastportqueue processingconstantThe port to use with PHPMAILERBLASTHOSTA working portPHPMAILERPORT
107phpmailerhostsystemconstantSMTP host for sending messagesa valid FQDN of the SMTP hostno value
108phpmailersubscribehostsystemconstantSMTP host for sending messages that originate from the subscribe pagesa valid FQDN of the SMTP hostPHPMAILERHOST
109phpmailertesthostcompositionconstantThe SMTP server to use when sending a test mailthe FQDN of the SMTP serverPHPMAILERHOST
110phpmailer_securerenderingconstantSet the Secure option in phpMailerauto tls ssl falseauto
111plugin_rootdirsconstantSemi-colon separated list of directories to look for plugins.Text, pointing to the value
112preferencepage_show_private_listssegmentationconstantWhen a subscriber is viewing their preferences page, show all lists, not just the public onestrue false 0 10
113processcampaigns_parallelqueue processingconstantWhen processing multiple campaigns, send them in paralleltrue, false, 0, 1false
114public_protocolsystemconstantSet the protocol for public pages.http httpshttp
116registerfeedbackconstantLet the phpList developers get a little bit of feedback on the use of phpList by retrieving the "Powered By" image from the phpList websitetrue false 0 11
117remote_url_refetch_timeoutsystemconstantHow long to keep a remote URL in cache before fetching it againAny number greater than 03600 (one hour)
118resetstats_maxconstantdisallow resetting statistics when this value has been reachedpositive number10
119rfc_direct_deliverysubscriptionconstantDirect delivery of the request for confirmationtrue false 0 1false
120sendprocess_servernamequeue processingconstantString to identify a send processany textlocalhost
121sendtest_maxsecurityconstantLimit the number of email addresses that can be used in the send test functionalityAny number999
122sendtest_throttlesecurityconstantLimit the use of the send test functionalityAny number1
123send_listadmin_copysystemconstantSend a notification to the owner of a listtrue false 0 1false
124send_one_testmailcompositionconstantSend one test email when using the test functionalitytrue false 0 11
125show_list_ofall_subscriberssegmentationconstantOn the list and members page, show a static "list" that has all subscribers in the system as memberstrue false 1 0false
126show_pqchoicequeue processingconstantEnable remote cron processing choicetrue, false, 0, 1false (Jan 2015)
127show_unsubscribelinksubscriptionconstantShow a link to the unsubscribe page on the subscribe pagetrue falsetrue
128silent_resubscribesubscriptionconstantAllow existing subscribers to re-subscribe without throwing an error.true false 0 1true
129smtp_timeoutqueue processingconstantTimeout when sending a mail with SMTPAny number5
130stacked_attribute_selectionsegmentationconstantUse stacking of attribute segmentationtrue false 0 10
131stats_intervalstatisticsconstantNot sure
132testconstantTry the system without sending any emails.true false 0 11
133textemail_encodingrenderingconstantSet the transfer encoding for the text part of an outgoing message7bit 8bit7bit
134tinymcepathcompositionconstantno value
135tld_auth_listsystemconstantURL that returns a list of valid Top Level DomainsAny URL
136tld_auth_md5systemconstantThe MD5 of the TLD_AUTH_LISTAny URL
137tld_refetch_timeoutsystemconstantRefresh time for automatically updating the list of TLDsAny number15552000
138translations_xmli18nconstantLocation where translations can be fetched and refreshedA URL that returns a valid XML
139unblacklist_in_profilesubscriber managementconstantAdd a link to remove a subscriber from the blacklist in their profiletrue false 0 10
140unsubscribe_jumpoffsubscriptionconstantImmediately unsubscribe someone when they click the Unsubscribe link in an email message they received, without asking them first why they are unsubscribing.true false 1 0false
141unsubscribe_requires_passwordsecurityconstantRequest a valid password before acting on unsubscribe.true false 0 1false
142uploadimages_dircompositionconstantLocation of a webserver-writable folder for storing images.Any name of a directoryimages
143useckcompositionconstantUse the CKeditor for creating campaignstrue false 0 10
144usefckcompositionconstantUse the FCKeditor for creating campaignstrue false 0 11
147use_admin_details_for_messagescompositionconstantPre-fill the From field when creating a campaign, with the details of the administrator logged intrue false 0 11
148use_advanced_bouncehandlingbounce managementconstantAllow fine grained regular expressions to determine what to do with bounced messages.true false 0 10
149use_amazonsesawsconstantDetermine whether to send with Amazon SESdo not set this value
150use_domain_throttlequeue processingconstantEnable throttling per domaintrue false 0 10
151use_editmessageconstantAllow editing a campaign0 10
152use_list_excludesegmentationconstantAllow selection of lists NOT to send a campaign totrue false 0 10
153use_local_spoolqueue processingconstantExperimental, do not use
154use_manual_text_partcompositionconstantManually enter the text version of the campaigntrue falsefalse
155use_minified_assetsconstantWhen displaying pages use the minified version of the CSS and JS files.true falsetrue
156use_pdfconstantEnable the automatic conversion to PDF functionality0 10
157use_personalised_remoteurlsrenderingconstantNot sure
158use_precedence_headerrenderingconstantUse the Precedence: header in outgoing mailstrue false 0 1true
159use_prepareconstantUse the prepare systemtrue false 0 10
160use_repetitioncompositionconstantAdd the functionality to repeat campaignstrue false 0 10
161use_spam_blockanti-spamconstantBlock spammers from signing uptrue false 0 11
162verboseconstantDisplay more information about what phpList is doing, including log entries for every email that is senttrue falsefalse
163warn_about_php_settingsconstantDisplay a warning if some PHP settings are not as desiredtrue false 0 11
164warn_savechangescompositionconstantWarn when changing page and there are unsaved changestrue false 0 11
165wordwrap_htmlrenderingconstantApply line wrapA number0
166phpmailer_smtpoptionssendingvariablepass smtpoptions to phpMailerany valid smtpoptions for phpMailer
167phpmailerportsystemconstantThe port number for the SMTP connection to PHPMAILERHOSTintegerno value
168stats_collection_addressfeedbackvariableEmail address to send the statistics report toemail
169uisystemvariableUser Interfaceany subdirectory in admin/ui/dressprow
170userspage_maxsubscriber managementconstantSuppress the listing of subscribers when there are more than this valueNumber1000
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