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editpurposeallowed valuesdefault
admin_auth_moduleclass for authentication of the administratorclass
allowed_referrersDomains that can refer to the phpList systemarray of domainsempty array
attachment_repositoryLocation where uploaded files are storedA webserver writable pathno value
bounce_mailbox_purgedelete bounces from the mailbox once they have been processedtrue false 0 1true
bounce_mailbox_purge_unprocessedDelete bounces from the mailbox that were not matched to be for a campaign or subscriber (unidentified bounce)true false 0 1true
bounce_protocolWhat method to use to fetch bouncespop mboxpop
bounce_unsubscribe_thresholdHow many consecutive bounces to consider before marking a subscriber unconfirmedInteger5
check_for_hostVerify that the HOST part of an email address is a deliverable domaintrue false 0 10
database_connection_compressionUse compression in the mySql database connectiontrue falsefalse
database_connection_sslUse SSL when connecting to the databasetrue falsefalse
database_modulethe file holding the database
default_system_languageLanguage to use when it cannot be determined from the contextISO code of the languageen
export_mimetypeThe mime-type sent to the browser for the export filea mime-typeapplication/csv
installation_nameName a phpList installation to be able to distinguish different installationsstringphpList
language_moduleThe default language for the frontendany of the files in lists/texts/
message_envelopeThe email address where bounces will goone single valid email addressno value
noteditableconfigSuppress certain config values from being editable in the admin pages.array of valuesempty array
pagerootLocation of phpList in relation to the web server roota valid path/lists/
phpmailer_smtpoptionspass smtpoptions to phpMailerany valid smtpoptions for phpMailer
phpmailer_smtppasswordSMTP authentication passwordstringno value
phpmailer_smtpuserSTMP Authentication usernamestringno value
plugins_disabledDisable selected pluginsarray of plugin namesempty array
require_loginActivate the authentication system0 11
stats_collection_addressEmail address to send the statistics report toemail
table_prefixprefix for all table namesstringphplist_
tmpdirLocation to place temporary files, when neededwritable path for webserver/tmp
uiUser Interfaceany subdirectory in admin/ui/dressprow
usertable_prefixprefix for subscriber related datastringphplist_user_
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