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edit categorypurposeallowed valuesdefault
public_protocolsystemSet the protocol for public pages.http httpshttp
devsitesystemRun phpList in development modetrue falsefalse
tld_auth_listsystemURL that returns a list of valid Top Level DomainsAny URL
tld_auth_md5systemThe MD5 of the TLD_AUTH_LISTAny URL
tld_refetch_timeoutsystemRefresh time for automatically updating the list of TLDsAny number15552000
phpmailersystemUse phpMailer for sendingtrue false 0 11
phpmailerhostsystemSMTP host for sending messagesa valid FQDN of the SMTP hostno value
remote_url_refetch_timeoutsystemHow long to keep a remote URL in cache before fetching it againAny number greater than 03600 (one hour)
send_listadmin_copysystemSend a notification to the owner of a listtrue false 0 1false
phpmailerportsystemThe port number for the SMTP connection to PHPMAILERHOSTintegerno value
error404pagesystemAllow a custom file-not-found pagefilename in webroot
phpmailersubscribehostsystemSMTP host for sending messages that originate from the subscribe pagesa valid FQDN of the SMTP hostPHPMAILERHOST
async_request_intervalsystemcreate a delay between Ajax requests on a pageany number > 00
admin_wwwrootsystemfix the URL for the admin pagesa valid URL in the context of the systemnot set
user_wwwrootsystemfix the URL for the public pagesa valid URL in the context of the systemnot set