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editcategorypurposeallowed valuesdefault
allow_updateradminEnable Automatic Updatertrue, falsetrue
blacklist_gracetimesubscriber managementNumber of minutes to allow sending a message after blacklisting a subscriberinteger5
access_control_allow_originsecurityBlock requests from an incorrect locationhttp://'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']
access_control_allow_originssecurityBlock requests from an incorrect location, but allow multiple domainsarray of domainsundefined
add_email_throttlesecurityLimit the use of the Add email in the send test functionalityAny number1
admin_protocolenforce HTTPS on admin pageshttp httpshttp
admin_wwwrootsystemfix the URL for the admin pagesa valid URL in the context of the systemnot set
allow_attachmentscompositionChange ALLOW_ATTACHMENTS from 0 to 1 to turn on attachment support. You'll note on the send a message page that there's an additional tab labeled Attach. Click on this tab while preparing your message to add attachments. The attachment tab will display the current (server-set) size limits and allow you to browse for new files to attach. Attachments on text format messages are accessed via a URL included at the bottom of the message. Since phpList 3.4.2 those links will open attachements directly from the browser.0 1 true false0
allow_deletebouncebounce managementEnable deletion of bouncestrue false 0 11
allow_importsubscriber managementEnable import functionalitytrue false 0 1true
allow_non_list_subscribesubscriptionDo not require choosing a list to subscribe totrue false 0 10
always_add_usertrackstatisticsAlways add the tracking image to campaignstrue false 0 11
askforpasswordsecurityAsk subscribers to enter a password for their profile when they registertrue false 0 10
async_request_intervalsystemcreate a delay between Ajax requests on a pageany number > 00
attributevalue_reorder_limitsegmentationdisallow ordering the attribute values where there are more than this amountnumber100
aws_accesskeyidawsThe access key for using Amazon SESno value
aws_posturlawsThe URL for Amazon AWS
aws_secretkeyawsSecret key for sending with Amazon SESstringno value
blacklist_email_on_bouncebounce managementAdd an address to the blacklist when it has bounced too many timesAny number5
block_pasted_clicktracklinkscompositionDetect clicktrack links in the content and block sending the campaign if foundtrue false 0 10
check_referrersecurityVerify that the referring web page is allowedtrue false 0 11
check_sessionipsecurityVerify the session of the logged in administratortrue false 0 11
clicktrackstatisticsEnable tracking of clicks in campaigns via URL rewritingtrue false 0 11
clicktrack_linkmapstatisticsDefine a mod-rewrite mapping of clicked linksA sensible stringno value
clicktrack_showdetailstatisticsShow more detail in the statistics when tracking clickstrue false 0 10
date_end_yearsegmentationSet the end year for any date dropdownany sensible year0
date_start_yearsegmentationSet the start year for any date dropdownAny recent year1900
db_translationi18nNo ideatrue false0
default_messageagequeue processingAmount of time to allow sending a campaign, until it is considered too oldAny sensible number604800
default_mimetypecompositionFallback for the mimetype when it could not be determineda sensible mimetypeapplication/octet-stream
devsitesystemRun phpList in development modetrue falsefalse
domain_auto_throttlequeue processingAuto throttle sending to domainstrue false 0 10
domain_batch_periodqueue processingTime frame for domain throttlingAny number larger than 1120
domain_batch_sizequeue processingAmount of mails to allow being sent to the same domain in the indicated timeAny number larger than 01
emailtextcreditsrenderingUse text credits for phpList in emails, instead of an imagetrue false 0 10
email_address_validation_levelsubscriber managementA choice of level of validation of an email address0, 1, 2, 3, 43
embedexternalimagescompositionpull external images and embed them in campaignstrue falsefalse
embeduploadimagesrenderingAdd uploaded images as embedded images when sendingtrue false 0 10
empty_value_prefixsegmentationSet a dropdown prefix which indicates no valueA short string--
encryption_algosecurityThe encryption method to use when encrypting passwordsany algorithm accepted in your PHP system, see
encrypt_admin_passwordssecurityEnable encryption of admin passwordstrue false 0 11
error404pagesystemAllow a custom file-not-found pagefilename in webroot
export_excelsubscriber managementFormat the export file to allow use in Microsoft Exceltrue falsefalse
fckimages_dircompositionLocation for uploading images in the FCKeditorDirectory name in the "lists" directoryuploadimages
filesystem_attachmentscompositionAllow adding attachments from the filesystem of the server phpList is running ontrue false 0 10
forward_alternative_contentsocial networkingEnter different content for the message that is forwardedtrue false 0 1false
forward_email_countsocial networkingNumber of email addresses allowed to enter when forwarding a messageA number1
forward_email_periodsocial networkingLimit the time period for reaching the maximum forwarding amountA valid mySQL INTERVAL value1 day
forward_personal_note_sizesocial networkingAllow a personal note to be added when forwarding a messageA number (size in bytes)0 (disable)
hash_algosecurityThe hash method to use when hashing passwordsany algorithm accepted in your PHP system, see
htmlemail_encodingrenderingSet the transfer encoding for the HTML part of the generated messages8bit 7bit base64 quoted-printablequoted-printable
import_filesizesubscriber managementMaximum size of an import fileNumber (in MB)5
keepforwarderattributessocial networkingUse the attributes of the subscriber for placeholder when forwarding a messagetrue false 0 1false
language_auto_updatei18nAutomatically update translations when the filesystem file is newer than the last updatetrue falsetrue
language_switchadminAllow changing language using a dropdowntrue false 0 11
mailqueue_autothrottlequeue processingAutomatically slow down sending the queue to spread the batch size across the batch period.true false 1 00
mailqueue_batch_periodqueue processingThe time allowed for sending a batch.Any number3600
mailqueue_batch_sizequeue processingBatch processingA number higher or equal to 00
mailqueue_throttlequeue processingAdd a delay between messages to avoid overloading the server.Any number, even fractions0
manually_process_bouncesbounce managementProcess the bounces in the admin interfacetrue false 0 11
manually_process_queuequeue processingSend queued messages from the admin interface.true false 0 11
maxlistsegmentationThe maximum number of lists a non-superuser administrator can haveAny positive number1
max_avatar_sizesubscriber managementSize of file for avatarAny sensible number2000
max_msg_ppLimit the amount of results listed in a pagepositive number5
max_processqueue_timequeue processingLimit the time that can be used to process the queueAny number99999
max_process_messagequeue processingHow many campaigns to process at the same timeAny positive number5
max_sendprocessesqueue processingNumber of simultaneous sending processes allowed11
max_user_ppLimit the amount of results listed in a pagepositive number50
merge_duplicates_delete_duplicatesubscriber managementWhen merging duplicate subscribers, remove the duplicatetrue falsetrue
messagequeue_preparequeue processingRun the queue in a two-process waytrue false 0 10
message_sendstatus_inactivethresholdqueue processingHow soon to say a campaign being sent is "stalled" or not sendingAny number120
message_sendstatus_sampletimequeue processingThe number of second to sample for a running campaign, to calculate the send speedAny positive number600
mimetypes_filecompositionFile containing the Mime-types of binary filesstring pointing to a file with mime-types/etc/mime.types
nostatscollectionfeedbackSwitch off collection of statistics0 1 true falsefalse
notify_spamanti-spamSend an alert when spam was blockedtrue false 0 11
numattachmentscompositionHow many attachments to allow uploading in one go.Any positive number1
pagetextcreditssubscriptionUse text credits for phpList on pages, instead of an imagetrue false 0 10
password_change_timeframesecurityTime allowed for an admin to use the token to change their password.A valid mySQL INTERVAL value1 day
phpmailersystemUse phpMailer for sendingtrue false 0 11
phpmailerblasthostqueue processingSMTP server to use when sending the actual campaignThe FQDB of the serverPHPMAILERHOST
phpmailerblastportqueue processingThe port to use with PHPMAILERBLASTHOSTA working portPHPMAILERPORT
phpmailerhostsystemSMTP host for sending messagesa valid FQDN of the SMTP hostno value
phpmailersubscribehostsystemSMTP host for sending messages that originate from the subscribe pagesa valid FQDN of the SMTP hostPHPMAILERHOST
phpmailertesthostcompositionThe SMTP server to use when sending a test mailthe FQDN of the SMTP serverPHPMAILERHOST
phpmailer_securerenderingSet the Secure option in phpMailerauto tls ssl falseauto
plugin_rootdirsSemi-colon separated list of directories to look for plugins.Text, pointing to the value
preferencepage_show_private_listssegmentationWhen a subscriber is viewing their preferences page, show all lists, not just the public onestrue false 0 10
processcampaigns_parallelqueue processingWhen processing multiple campaigns, send them in paralleltrue, false, 0, 1false
public_protocolsystemSet the protocol for public pages.http httpshttp
registerfeedbackLet the phpList developers get a little bit of feedback on the use of phpList by retrieving the "Powered By" image from the phpList websitetrue false 0 11
remote_url_refetch_timeoutsystemHow long to keep a remote URL in cache before fetching it againAny number greater than 03600 (one hour)
resetstats_maxdisallow resetting statistics when this value has been reachedpositive number10
rfc_direct_deliverysubscriptionDirect delivery of the request for confirmationtrue false 0 1false
sendprocess_servernamequeue processingString to identify a send processany textlocalhost
sendtest_maxsecurityLimit the number of email addresses that can be used in the send test functionalityAny number999
sendtest_throttlesecurityLimit the use of the send test functionalityAny number1
send_listadmin_copysystemSend a notification to the owner of a listtrue false 0 1false
send_one_testmailcompositionSend one test email when using the test functionalitytrue false 0 11
show_list_ofall_subscriberssegmentationOn the list and members page, show a static "list" that has all subscribers in the system as memberstrue false 1 0false