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edit categorypurposeallowed valuesdefault
emailtextcreditsrenderingUse text credits for phpList in emails, instead of an imagetrue false 0 10
htmlemail_encodingrenderingSet the transfer encoding for the HTML part of the generated messages8bit 7bit base64 quoted-printablequoted-printable
textemail_encodingrenderingSet the transfer encoding for the text part of an outgoing message7bit 8bit7bit
embeduploadimagesrenderingAdd uploaded images as embedded images when sendingtrue false 0 10
use_precedence_headerrenderingUse the Precedence: header in outgoing mailstrue false 0 1true
phpmailer_securerenderingSet the Secure option in phpMailerauto tls ssl falseauto
use_personalised_remoteurlsrenderingNot sure
wordwrap_htmlrenderingApply line wrapA number0
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