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editcategorypurposeallowed valuesdefault
use_list_excludesegmentationAllow selection of lists NOT to send a campaign totrue false 0 10
stacked_attribute_selectionsegmentationUse stacking of attribute segmentationtrue false 0 10
show_list_ofall_subscriberssegmentationOn the list and members page, show a static "list" that has all subscribers in the system as memberstrue false 1 0false
preferencepage_show_private_listssegmentationWhen a subscriber is viewing their preferences page, show all lists, not just the public onestrue false 0 10
maxlistsegmentationThe maximum number of lists a non-superuser administrator can haveAny positive number1
empty_value_prefixsegmentationSet a dropdown prefix which indicates no valueA short string--
date_start_yearsegmentationSet the start year for any date dropdownAny recent year1900
date_end_yearsegmentationSet the end year for any date dropdownany sensible year0
attributevalue_reorder_limitsegmentationdisallow ordering the attribute values where there are more than this amountnumber100