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editcategorypurpose allowed valuesdefault
tld_auth_listsystemURL that returns a list of valid Top Level DomainsAny URL
tld_auth_md5systemThe MD5 of the TLD_AUTH_LISTAny URL
tld_refetch_timeoutsystemRefresh time for automatically updating the list of TLDsAny number15552000
remote_url_refetch_timeoutsystemHow long to keep a remote URL in cache before fetching it againAny number greater than 03600 (one hour)
phpmailerhostsystemSMTP host for sending messagesa valid FQDN of the SMTP hostno value
phpmailersubscribehostsystemSMTP host for sending messages that originate from the subscribe pagesa valid FQDN of the SMTP hostPHPMAILERHOST
admin_wwwrootsystemfix the URL for the admin pagesa valid URL in the context of the systemnot set
user_wwwrootsystemfix the URL for the public pagesa valid URL in the context of the systemnot set
async_request_intervalsystemcreate a delay between Ajax requests on a pageany number > 00
error404pagesystemAllow a custom file-not-found pagefilename in webroot
public_protocolsystemSet the protocol for public pages.http httpshttp
phpmailerportsystemThe port number for the SMTP connection to PHPMAILERHOSTintegerno value
devsitesystemRun phpList in development modetrue falsefalse
phpmailersystemUse phpMailer for sendingtrue false 0 11
send_listadmin_copysystemSend a notification to the owner of a listtrue false 0 1false