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editcategorypurposeallowed valuesdefault
default_messageagequeue processingAmount of time to allow sending a campaign, until it is considered too oldAny sensible number604800
domain_auto_throttlequeue processingAuto throttle sending to domainstrue false 0 10
domain_batch_periodqueue processingTime frame for domain throttlingAny number larger than 1120
domain_batch_sizequeue processingAmount of mails to allow being sent to the same domain in the indicated timeAny number larger than 01
mailqueue_autothrottlequeue processingAutomatically slow down sending the queue to spread the batch size across the batch period.true false 1 00
mailqueue_batch_periodqueue processingThe time allowed for sending a batch.Any number3600
mailqueue_batch_sizequeue processingBatch processingA number higher or equal to 00
mailqueue_throttlequeue processingAdd a delay between messages to avoid overloading the server.Any number, even fractions0
manually_process_queuequeue processingSend queued messages from the admin interface.true false 0 11
max_process_messagequeue processingHow many campaigns to process at the same timeAny positive number5
max_processqueue_timequeue processingLimit the time that can be used to process the queueAny number99999
max_sendprocessesqueue processingNumber of simultaneous sending processes allowed11
message_sendstatus_inactivethresholdqueue processingHow soon to say a campaign being sent is "stalled" or not sendingAny number120
message_sendstatus_sampletimequeue processingThe number of second to sample for a running campaign, to calculate the send speedAny positive number600
messagequeue_preparequeue processingRun the queue in a two-process waytrue false 0 10
phpmailerblasthostqueue processingSMTP server to use when sending the actual campaignThe FQDB of the serverPHPMAILERHOST
phpmailerblastportqueue processingThe port to use with PHPMAILERBLASTHOSTA working portPHPMAILERPORT
processcampaigns_parallelqueue processingWhen processing multiple campaigns, send them in paralleltrue, false, 0, 1false
sendprocess_servernamequeue processingString to identify a send processany textlocalhost
show_pqchoicequeue processingEnable remote cron processing choicetrue, false, 0, 1false (Jan 2015)
smtp_timeoutqueue processingTimeout when sending a mail with SMTPAny number5
use_domain_throttlequeue processingEnable throttling per domaintrue false 0 10
use_local_spoolqueue processingExperimental, do not use