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editcategorypurposeallowed valuesdefault
access_control_allow_originsecurityBlock requests from an incorrect locationhttp://'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']
access_control_allow_originssecurityBlock requests from an incorrect location, but allow multiple domainsarray of domainsundefined
add_email_throttlesecurityLimit the use of the Add email in the send test functionalityAny number1
askforpasswordsecurityAsk subscribers to enter a password for their profile when they registertrue false 0 10
check_referrersecurityVerify that the referring web page is allowedtrue false 0 11
check_sessionipsecurityVerify the session of the logged in administratortrue false 0 11
encryption_algosecurityThe encryption method to use when encrypting passwordsany algorithm accepted in your PHP system, see
encrypt_admin_passwordssecurityEnable encryption of admin passwordstrue false 0 11
hash_algosecurityThe hash method to use when hashing passwordsany algorithm accepted in your PHP system, see
password_change_timeframesecurityTime allowed for an admin to use the token to change their password.A valid mySQL INTERVAL value1 day
sendtest_maxsecurityLimit the number of email addresses that can be used in the send test functionalityAny number999
sendtest_throttlesecurityLimit the use of the send test functionalityAny number1
unsubscribe_requires_passwordsecurityRequest a valid password before acting on unsubscribe.true false 0 1false