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editcategorypurpose allowed valuesdefault
tinymcepathcompositionno value
allow_attachmentscompositionChange ALLOW_ATTACHMENTS from 0 to 1 to turn on attachment support. You'll note on the send a message page that there's an additional tab labeled Attach. Click on this tab while preparing your message to add attachments. The attachment tab will display the current (server-set) size limits and allow you to browse for new files to attach. Attachments on text format messages are accessed via a URL included at the bottom of the message. Since phpList 3.4.2 those links will open attachements directly from the browser.0 1 true false0
uploadimages_dircompositionLocation of a webserver-writable folder for storing images.Any name of a directoryimages
numattachmentscompositionHow many attachments to allow uploading in one go.Any positive number1
fckimages_dircompositionLocation for uploading images in the FCKeditorDirectory name in the "lists" directoryuploadimages
default_mimetypecompositionFallback for the mimetype when it could not be determineda sensible mimetypeapplication/octet-stream
mimetypes_filecompositionFile containing the Mime-types of binary filesstring pointing to a file with mime-types/etc/mime.types
phpmailertesthostcompositionThe SMTP server to use when sending a test mailthe FQDN of the SMTP serverPHPMAILERHOST
use_manual_text_partcompositionManually enter the text version of the campaigntrue falsefalse
embedexternalimagescompositionpull external images and embed them in campaignstrue falsefalse
usefckcompositionUse the FCKeditor for creating campaignstrue false 0 11
useckcompositionUse the CKeditor for creating campaignstrue false 0 10
filesystem_attachmentscompositionAllow adding attachments from the filesystem of the server phpList is running ontrue false 0 10
use_repetitioncompositionAdd the functionality to repeat campaignstrue false 0 10
warn_savechangescompositionWarn when changing page and there are unsaved changestrue false 0 11
use_admin_details_for_messagescompositionPre-fill the From field when creating a campaign, with the details of the administrator logged intrue false 0 11
send_one_testmailcompositionSend one test email when using the test functionalitytrue false 0 11
block_pasted_clicktracklinkscompositionDetect clicktrack links in the content and block sending the campaign if foundtrue false 0 10