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editcategorypurpose allowed valuesdefault
unblacklist_in_profilesubscriber managementAdd a link to remove a subscriber from the blacklist in their profiletrue false 0 10
allow_importsubscriber managementEnable import functionalitytrue false 0 1true
merge_duplicates_delete_duplicatesubscriber managementWhen merging duplicate subscribers, remove the duplicatetrue falsetrue
export_excelsubscriber managementFormat the export file to allow use in Microsoft Exceltrue falsefalse
blacklist_gracetimesubscriber managementNumber of minutes to allow sending a message after blacklisting a subscriberinteger5
import_filesizesubscriber managementMaximum size of an import fileNumber (in MB)5
userspage_maxsubscriber managementSuppress the listing of subscribers when there are more than this valueNumber1000
max_avatar_sizesubscriber managementSize of file for avatarAny sensible number2000
email_address_validation_levelsubscriber managementA choice of level of validation of an email address0, 1, 2, 3, 43