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description: fckphplist
author : Michiel Dethmers
email :
type : editor
provides : editor
lastupdate : 2012-12-17
compatible : 2.11.7
tags : editor

bugtracker :
sourcerepo :

provides the FCKeditor WYSIWYG editor in the campaign creation page.

Installation instructions:

  1. install the plugin in phpList
  2. Download the FCKeditor and place the 'fckeditor' folder somewhere on your website (eg /fckeditor/)
  3. edit the fckeditor.html file to point to the phpList FCKeditor config:
    • replace the line LoadScript( '../fckconfig.js' ) ; with
    • LoadScript( '/lists/admin/?pi=fckphplist&page=config&action=js4' ) ;
    • (adapt /lists/admin/ to your specific setup if required)
  4. Go to phpList → Config → Settings and change the setting for fckeditor_path to point to your FCKeditor location.

More explaination:

If your plugin directory is in the normal location /lists/admin/plugins/ then you can put the FCKeditor in the fckeditor plugin location. This is outlined in the instructions of the plugin.

However, when you place your plugin folder under the webroot, which is better for security, then this is not possible, as the FCKeditor files need to be accessible to the browser. In that case, you can put the editor somewhere on your site, and tell phpList about it in the fckeditor_path. This path is relative to the webroot of your site.


Follow the instructions on the github pages to enable the image upload functionality.

additional row in editor

The plugin adds an option to set the second row of the toolbar to the settings page of phpList.

You can add any of the following options:

Cut,Copy,Paste,PasteText,PasteWord,Undo,Redo,Find,Replace,SelectAll,RemoveFormat,Link,Unlink, Anchor,Bold,Italic,Underline,StrikeThrough,Subscript,Superscript,OrderedList,UnorderedList,Outdent,Indent, JustifyLeft,JustifyCenter,JustifyRight,JustifyFull,Image,Table,Rule,Smiley,SpecialChar,TextColor,BGColor, Style,FontFormat,FontName,FontSize

Make sure to enter them as words separated with a comma and all on one line. Once you've done this, you can reload the page to edit a campaign and check how your toolbar looks.