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dkim plugin

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description: Adds DKIM header to emails
author : Duncan Cameron
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lastupdate : 2023/10/16
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This plugin adds a DKIM header to emails sent by phplist. It simply passes-on the settings fields to phpmailer, which does the actual generation of the DKIM header. If your mail server already adds a DKIM header to outgoing mail then you do not need to use this plugin.

You need to create a DKIM private/public key pair, then create a DNS TXT record holding the public key.

You can usually do this using the control panel of your web server. Otherwise you can use this DKIM record generator


Install on the Plugins page (menu Config > Manage Plugins) using the package URL


The plugin adds a section to the Settings page where you can enter

  • the DKIM domain
  • the DKIM selector
  • the DKIM identity (optional)
  • the private key
  • the path to a file containing the private key
  • the passphrase for the private key file (optional)
  • whether to include the field values in the DKIM header.

You must enter either the private key or the path to a file containing the private key. The private key field takes precedence over the private key path.

For example, if the name of your DKIM record is then

  • the domain is
  • the selector is default
  • the private key is the text of the private key. Copy and paste that from the generated private key, including the BEGIN and END lines