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Compatible with version

phplist 3

plugin Supporting classes required by some other plugins.

Last updated on
php 5.4
By Duncan Cameron

This plugin provides support classes required by some other plugins. It also provides three pages which are added to the Config menu

  • display the output of the phpinfo() function
  • display the config.php file (user id and passwords are removed)
  • display the contents of the php session

When installing or upgrading a plugin ensure that the latest CommonPlugin is installed as well.


See the README file on the GitHub page for how to install the plugin.

Logging database queries

There is a mechanism to log the sql queries created by most plugins. This might be useful in debugging or to be able to run a query manually.

Add the following to the config.php file (at the end of the file is ok)

$log_options = array(
    'threshold' => 'DEBUG',
    'classes' => array(
        'phpList\plugin\Common\DB' => true,

Now queries will be logged to a file in the phplist temporary directory, identfied by the $tmpdir variable in config.php. The file will be named for the current day, e.g. log_2018-07-13.txt.

Alternatively you can specify a particular directory for the log file. The directory must be writeable by the web server process.

$log_options = array(
    'threshold' => 'DEBUG',
    'classes' => array(
        'phpList\plugin\Common\DB' => true,
    'dir' => '/path/to/directory',

Each query will be logged similar to this

[Fri 13 Jul 2018 10:09:15] [debug] phpList\plugin\Common\DB::_query, line 39
elapsed time 11.165857315063 ms
SELECT id, email, confirmed, blacklisted
            FROM phplist_user_user u
            LEFT JOIN phplist_listuser lu ON = lu.userid
            WHERE userid is NULL

To stop logging queries simply change DEBUG to OFF.

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