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Amazon SES

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plugin This plugin sends email through Amazon SES using its API. This is for phplist 3.x.

By Duncan Cameron

This plugin sends email through the Amazon SES API. Once you have enabled the plugin then phplist will send all emails (campaigns and system), using the plugin.

To revert to using either the php mail() function or an SMTP server, as specified in the config.php file, you should disable the plugin.

The plugin replaces the core phplist code to send through Amazon SES. It adds the ability to increase the send rate by sending emails concurrently.


See the README file on the GitHub page for how to install the plugin.


Settings page

When you have enabled the plugin there will be a Amazon SES group on the Settings page where you can configure the plugin.

You must enter the AWS access key ID and secret access key values, and the API endpoint from your Amazon account. If you have previously used the core phplist Amazon SES processing then these are the same values that you have entered in config.php.

To send emails concurrently you need to enable curl multi and enter the maximum number of emails to send concurrently.

The plugin can create a log file of multi-curl transfers that shows the elapsed time of each transfer. It can also create a log file of each curl transfer to help in debugging. The log files are created in the directory identified by the phplist config variable $tmpdir.

Send rate

The plugin does not handle the sending rate, which is done by core phplist as for any other method of sending emails. You should set the throttle, batch size, etc to meet any limit set by Amazon SES.


Please raise any questions or problems in the user forum

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