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Resetting an administrator's password

As an administrator, your password is critical to be able to access phpList and process campaigns. If you have forgotten the password to your Admin account, you can reset your password from the “login” page.

To do this, enter the email address you used to create your administrator account. When you have completed the email address field, select Send Password.

If the field was entered successfully, you will review the notification saying “A password change token has been sent to the corresponding email address.”

In the email address you mentioned above, you will receive an email similar to the message below. Note that the password must be changed within 24 hours or the unique reset password link will no longer be valid.

Select the unique password reset link. You will be brought to the “Login” page. The following page is displayed. Enter and confirm your new password, and select Continue.

If your new password meets the password parameters, you will receive a message saying “Your password was changed successfully.” Select Continue to proceed to the login page, where you can enter your username and newly reset password.

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