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An Index of phpList Functions and Class Methods

The location of the definition of each function or method is listed by file name and line number. Each file is located relative to the admin directory in the phpList distribution, that is, relative to the subdirectory public_html/lists/admin.

For each function or method, the arguments are listed and explained, as well as the return value if any. Some explanation of the function is planned to be given among the Comments. These pages are under construction. Most entries are incomplete. But every entry has the location for the definition of the function or method, so that you can look up the definition in file containing the source code.

This index does not include the Sql_ functions for accessing the phpList database. The line numbers shown for each function listed correspond to version 3.05 of phpList. In most cases the locations of these functions have changed in later releases, Usually these functions involve only a small change in the line number, so that you can locate the function in the vicinity of the line number specified.

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