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 +====== Verification of subscriber email address domain (TLD) ======
 +Subscriber email addresses are verified when they are imported, and the top level domain (TLD) of the address is checked against a reference list to ensure that it is valid.
 +New TLDs come online frequently, and the reference list must be kept up to date in order to accurately validate subscriber email addresses which use them.
 +phpList has a built-in TLD reference list and automatic update mechanism to handle this processes conveniently. This feature was launched in phpList 3.0.9 (see the [[https://​​phplist-3-0-9-released/#​new-top-level-domains|release notes]] for details).
 +By default the reference list of valid TLDs is udpated from You can change this to another reference list if you prefer by setting [[system:​config:​tld_auth_list|TLD_AUTH_LIST]]. This list is updated frequently. To check that the fetched list is accurate, a hash of the list is also fetched. You can change which hash is used by setting [[system:​config:​tld_auth_md5|TLD_AUTH_MD5]].
 +The frequency with which the list is fetched and updated can be changed by setting [[system:​config:​tld_refetch_timeout|TLD_REFETCH_TIMEOUT]].
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