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System setup

System Requirements

  1. MySQL or MariaDB
  2. Apache Note: phpList includes Apache-specific settings
  3. PHP 5.4 or later with the following PHP extensions:
    • pcre
    • imap
    • Core
    • date
    • hash
    • SPL
    • filter
    • openssl
    • mbstring
    • session
    • curl
    • xml
    • iconv
    • json
    • gettext
    • SimpleXML
    • mysqli
    • mysql
    • GD (required by CKEditor Plugin only)

Note: Some module dependencies are not obligatory. Some of the functionality will be hidden if certain functions are not available on your system. For full phpList functionality all the above modules are required.

Automated installation with Puppet

If you use Puppet to manage the software on your server, there is a puppet module to automatically install phplist at

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