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editpurpose allowed valuesdefault
tmpdirLocation to place temporary files, when neededwritable path for webserver/tmp
phpmailer_smtppasswordSMTP authentication passwordstringno value
phpmailer_smtpuserSTMP Authentication usernamestringno value
usertable_prefixprefix for subscriber related datastringphplist_user_
table_prefixprefix for all table namesstringphplist_
installation_nameName a phpList installation to be able to distinguish different installationsstringphpList
plugins_disabledDisable selected pluginsarray of plugin namesempty array
uiUser Interfaceany subdirectory in admin/ui/dressprow
pagerootLocation of phpList in relation to the web server roota valid path/lists/
attachment_repositoryLocation where uploaded files are storedA webserver writable pathno value