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 +---- dataentry configoptions ----
 +type             : constant
 +name             : USE_REPETITION
 +purpose ​         : Add the functionality to repeat campaigns
 +allowed ​         : true false 0 1
 +default ​         : 0
 +status_s ​        : ​
 +category ​        : composition
 +When using repetition phpList will create an exact copy of the campaign. As a result, this should only really be used when sending a URL or other dynamic content.
 +Another good use is when using file system attachments. If you want phpList to send you some file from the server at a regular interval, ​ the filesystem attachment will be refreshed at the moment of sending the (first) message.
 +==== Exclusion of times and dates ====
 +Even if you set phpList to send every certain interval, you can still tell it to
 +NOT send (ie re-schedule) the message at certain moments. You do this as follows:
 +You add the following to your config file
 +# exclude dates for repetition
 +$repeat_exclude = array(
 +  array("​format"​ => "​%a",​ "​values"​ => array("​Sun","​Sat"​)),​
 +  array("​format"​ => "​%d-%m-%Y","​values"​ => array("​31-01-2004","​01-01-2005"​)),​
 +## end
 +Now that needs a bit of explanation. You can add as many entries as you like and 
 +the format is as follows:
 +one entry is formatted
 +array("​format"​ => [format], "​values"​ => array([list of values])),
 +where the bits between [ and ] can be chosen as you like it, but they have to fit
 +the following:
 +[format] needs to be a Mysql data format string which you can find at 
 +http://​​doc/​en/​Date_and_time_functions.html under "Date Format"​
 +[list of values] needs to be a list of values that this format can return, ​
 +which then, if matched with the new "​embargo"​ for a message will not create a 
 +message for that date, but instead increases the "​repetition value" to find the 
 +next one in a row.
 +So for example for excluding the weekend you use
 +'' ​ array("​format"​ => "​%a",​ "​values"​ => array("​Sun","​Sat"​)),​
 +and for excluding specific dates you can use
 +'' ​ array("​format"​ => "​%d-%m-%Y","​values"​ => array("​31-01-2004","​28-08-2004"​)),​
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