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 +---- dataentry configoptions ----
 +type             : constant
 +name             : SEND_ONE_TESTMAIL
 +purpose ​         : Send one test email when using the test functionality
 +allowed ​         : true false 0 1
 +default ​         : 1
 +status_s ​        : ​
 +category ​        : composition
 +In previous versions this was set to false, or didn't exist. This caused all kinds of confusion on the test functionality sending out **two** messages, one in HTML and the other in Text. I still think it makes sense to keep this **OFF** to check that both versions come out fine, but to avoid confusion, it is now set to **true**.
 +This means that when sending a test email, the version being sent will be the one matching the profile of the address the test is being sent to.
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