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ivilata [Data entry] "SEND_LISTADMIN_COPY" default value in 3.0.8 and Git master head is currently false.
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 +---- dataentry configoptions ----
 +type     : constant
 +purpose ​ : Send a notification to the owner of a list
 +allowed ​ : true false 0 1
 +default ​ : false
 +status_s : 
 +category : system
 +When the setting [[/​settings/​send_admin_copies]] is active, this option will find the email address of the list owner in the database, and include the list owner in the notification of subscribe, profile edit and unsubscribe.
 +When this setting is enabled (true), the copies are ONLY sent to the list owner , and not to the [[/​settings/​admin_addresses|List of admin CC]] and [[/​settings/​admin_address|Person in charge of this system]]
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