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 +---- dataentry configoptions ----
 +type     : constant
 +name     : HASH_ALGO
 +purpose ​ : The hash method to use when hashing passwords
 +allowed ​ : any algorithm accepted in your PHP system, see http://​​hash-algos
 +default ​ : sha256
 +status_s : 
 +category : security
 +This was renamed from [[ENCRYPTION_ALGO]] in version 3.3.0
 +Once you have this set, be careful to change it, as you may lock yourself out from your phpList installation. You may still be able to use the "​Forgot password"​ functionality to get back in.
 +If you upgraded from older versions of phpList, you may want to set this to "​md5"​. phpList tries to figure that out automatically,​ but this may not always work.
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