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 +====== Timezone ======
 +---- plugin ----
 +description:​ Allows you to set the php and the mysql timezones.
 +author ​    : Duncan Cameron
 +type       : ​
 +lastupdate : 2015-02-03
 +compatible : phplist 3
 +depends ​   : 
 +conflicts ​ : 
 +similar ​   : 
 +tags       : ​
 +sourcerepo : https://​​bramley/​phplist-plugin-timezone
 +donationurl: ​
 +This plugin allows you to set the php and the mysql timezones. phplist lets you set the timezone using a config file parameter, SYSTEM_TIMEZONE,​ but that has to be a value that is valid for both php and for mysql, such as '​Australia/​Sydney'​. This requires mysql to support time zone information tables, which often is not the case.
 +This plugin sets the mysql timezone using an offset calculated from the php timezone.
 +Installation instructions:​
 +See the README file on the GitHub page https://​​bramley/​phplist-plugin-timezone for how to install and configure the plugin.
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