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 +====== Subject Prefix ======
 +---- plugin ----
 +description:​ Prefix the subject line of a list message with whatever text is desired
 +author ​    : Arnold Lesikar  ​
 +email      :
 +type       : ​
 +lastupdate : 2015-09-18
 +compatible : 3.x
 +depends ​   : 
 +conflicts ​ : 
 +similar ​   : 
 +tags       : prefix, subject_line
 +downloadurl:​ https://​​arnoldle/​phplist-plugin-subjectPrefixPlugin/​archive/​
 +bugtracker : https://​​arnoldle/​phplist-plugin-subjectPrefixPlugin/​issues
 +sourcerepo : https://​​arnoldle/​phplist-plugin-subjectPrefixPlugin/​
 +donationurl: ​
 +screenshot_img : 
 +This plugin allows you to prefix the subject line of list messages of any list with a text string. Different prefixes may be used for different lists. ​
 +===== Installation =====
 +Install the plugin using the [[plugin:​plugin|Plugin Manager]] and the download URL above, which points to latest version of the plugin. Refer to [[:​Plugins]] on how to install plugins manually. Make sure that the list is enabled before attempting to use it.
 +You can enable a plugin from the **Plugins** page found under the **Configuration** menu found at the top of each Phplist page.
 +===== Configuration and Settings =====
 +=== Change Log ===
 +  * **2013-12-30**
 +    * 1.0a1 Initial release
 +  * **2015-9-18**
 +    * 1.0a1.1 No menu items now appear for this plugin
 +===== Discussion =====
 +List parameters can be edited by selecting **Subscriber lists** under the **Subscribers** menu seen at the top of each Phplist page.
 +When you add a list or select a list to be edited, you will be taken to the "​**EDIT A LIST**"​ page. There you will find the parameters to be filled in or edited for the selected list. 
 +This plugin adds a new field to the "​**EDIT A LIST**"​ page. This field is labeled "​**Subject line prefix for this list:​**"​. Here you can enter up to 255 characters of text to serve as a subject line prefix for the edited list. 
 +The prefix entered here applies only to the list you are editing. You can create different prefixes for other lists.
 +The prefix that you enter will be applied to each message sent out through the particular list. The prefix is separated from the subject of the message by a single space.
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