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 +====== Subject Line Placeholder ======
 +---- plugin ----
 +description:​ Activate placeholders for user attributes in the subject line
 +author ​    : Arnold Lesikar  ​
 +email      :
 +type       : ​
 +lastupdate : 2015-06-22
 +compatible : 3.x
 +depends ​   : PHP 5.x
 +conflicts ​ : 
 +similar ​   : 
 +tags       : placeholder,​ attribute, subjectline
 +downloadurl:​ https://​​arnoldle/​phplist-plugin-subjectLinePlaceholdersPlugin/​archive/​
 +bugtracker : https://​​arnoldle/​phplist-plugin-subjectLinePlaceholdersPlugin/​issues
 +sourcerepo : https://​​arnoldle/​phplist-plugin-subjectLinePlaceholdersPlugin/​
 +donationurl: ​
 +screenshot_img : 
 +This plugin allows you to use placeholders for user attributes in the subject line of list messages. ​
 +===== Installation =====
 +Install the plugin using the [[plugin:​plugin|Plugin Manager]] and the download URL above, which points to latest version of the plugin. Refer to [[:​Plugins]] on how to install plugins manually.
 +===== Configuration and Settings =====
 +===== Discussion =====
 +The placeholder is the attribute name in uppercase and enclosed in square brackets. If the replacement is to be in uppercase, there must be an '​!'​ immediately after the opening bracket. Thus if subscribers have attributes named '​City'​ and '​State'​ and the state is to be in upper case, a subject line might read:
 +      A message for subscribers in [CITY], [!STATE]
 +For a subscriber in Dallas, Texas, this would result in the subject line:
 +      A message for subscribers in Dallas, TEXAS
 +Conditional placeholders are also supported, allowing an alternative replacement when an attribute has no specified value. ​
 +Thus [NAME?​Subscriber] results in '​Subscriber'​ being used in the subject line if the user's '​Name'​ attribute is empty.
 +**Note**: Can now use <​nowiki>'​%%'</​nowiki>​ as well as '?'​ as the separator between the attribute name and the default value.
 +If upper case is specified by '​!'​ after the opening bracket, the alternative value will be transformed to upper case, just as the attribute value would be. **With the  <​nowiki>'​%%'</​nowiki>​ separator this does not work.** If this separator is used, the '​!'​ will prevent any replacement from taking place at all.
 +No configurations or settings are required.
 +=== Change Log ===
 +  * **2013-12-30**
 +    * 1.0a1 - Initial release
 +    * 1.0a2 - Very much simpler and shorter code
 +    * 1.0a3 - Prevent trying to replace placeholders in system messages
 +    * 1.0a4 - Added link to docs page and now use central parsing function
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