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 ''​[cppopvault:​img]''​ ''​[cppopvault:​img]''​
-To capture an attribute of a custom tag append "​@attribute"​ to the tag.+To capture an attribute of a custom tag append "​@attribute"​ to the tag. If the feed includes
 <code html> <code html>
 <​media:​thumbnail url="​https://​​assets/​images/​posts/​2020-02-22-share-unpublished-scratch-projects-with-scratch-project-viewer/​teaser1.png"/>​ <​media:​thumbnail url="​https://​​assets/​images/​posts/​2020-02-22-share-unpublished-scratch-projects-with-scratch-project-viewer/​teaser1.png"/>​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +then use the placeholder
 ''​[media:​thumbnail@url]''​ ''​[media:​thumbnail@url]''​
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