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 +====== CAPTCHA ======
 +---- plugin ----
 +description:​ This plugin provides a CAPTCHA field on subscription forms.
 +author ​    : Duncan Cameron
 +type       : ​
 +lastupdate : 2016-12-01
 +compatible : 3.x
 +depends ​   : 
 +conflicts ​ : 
 +similar ​   : 
 +tags       : spam
 +sourcerepo : https://​​bramley/​phplist-plugin-captcha
 +This plugin provides a CAPTCHA field on subscription forms using the [[https://​|Securimage]] package.
 +The CAPTCHA requires that the user type the letters and digits of a distorted image. Securimage ​
 +also provides a refresh button to display an alternative image, and an audio button to play a sound recording of the characters.
 +The plugin can also check subscription emails for spam using the [[https://​​michield/​botbouncer]] class. This currently uses only the Stop Forum Spam service to check email addresses, as that can be used without registering.
 +The other services supported by Botbouncer (Akismet, Project Honeypot, and Mollom) could be added if Stop Forum Spam proves not to be sufficient.
 +For another approach to captcha see the [[https://​​plugin/​recaptcha|reCAPTCHA plugin]].
 +====== Installation ======
 +See the README file on the GitHub page https://​​bramley/​phplist-plugin-captcha
 +====== Configuration ======
 +===== Settings =====
 +On the Settings page you can specify:
 +  * The path to the securimage directory on your web site (the default path is `/​securimage`)
 +  * Whether to validate the email address using the BotBouncer class (the default is yes)
 +  * The prompt for the CAPTCHA field
 +  * The message to be displayed to the subscriber when the entered CAPTCHA is incorrect
 +  * The message to be displayed to the subscriber when the email address is rejected
 +  * Whether to write a record to the event log for each incorrect CAPTCHA and subscription attempt
 +  * Whether to send an email to the admin for each incorrect CAPTCHA and subscription attempt
 +===== Subscribe pages =====
 +For each subscribe page that you create you can select whether it should include a captcha field.
 +===== Customising the appearance of the captcha =====
 +The plugin does not support customising the appearance of the captcha widget. Instead you need to make minor modifications one of the Securimage files. See [[https://​​documentation/​customizing-securimage/​|this page]] of the Securimage documentation for more details.
 +===== Changing the number of characters displayed in the captcha =====
 +The captcha will display 6 characters by default. To alter this number you need to follow the guidance for customising the appearance of the captcha to modify the code_length property. For example to reduce the number of characters to 4:
 +  // display only 4 characters in the captcha
 +      $img->​code_length = 4;
 +===== Internationalisation =====
 +If your subscribe pages are in a language other than English then on the Settings page you can change the prompt and messages that are displayed to the subscriber to be in the local language.
 +Securimage supports a limited number of languages for the audio playback.
 +See [[https://​​documentation/​audio-file-settings/#​language|Changing language files]] for how to change the language.
 +====== Test that it works ======
 +On your phplist subscription page enter all of the mandatory fields and an incorrect value in the CAPTCHA field.
 +The subscription attempt should be rejected.
 +Go to [[https://​​stats#​datatable|Stop Forum Spam]] and select an email address from the Last 500 Entries.
 +Then try to subscribe to your lists using that email address. ​
 +====== Support ======
 +Report any issues or questions in the support forum https://​​
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