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Convert statistics


Version 2.11, and now 3.0 introduced a new way to track click statistics. Therefore when you had clicktracking enabled in version 2.10 you will need to convert it.


In the main admin page, select “Statistics overview”. If you have data in the old statistics table it will tell you and you can choose to convert it. This will convert a small amount at a time, and you may need to run it several times to convert all data.

Alternatively, if you have a lot of data, you can run it from the commandline:

php /path/to/admin/index.php -c /path/to/config.php -pconvertstats

This will convert more entries at a time, and you may need to run it several times as well.


large conversion

When there are many entries, it may take quite some time. I recently converted a system with 7 million click track entries, and it took about 20 hours. In that case you will want to run in on commandline.

The following code may come in handy. 7 Million is 140 runs of 50000 (which is the amount phpList will convert on commandline).

C=0; while [ $C -lt 140 ]; do 
  C=$(( $C + 1 )); 
  echo $C; 
  echo $(date); 
  php lists/admin/index.php -c /var/www/phplist/lists/config/config.php -pconvertstats; 
>> convertstats.log &

Don't forget the last &, and you can go off do something else and come back 20 hours later.

Then use

tail -f convertstats.log

to see how far it has got and keep an eye on the end.

recent campaign

The links in campaigns require the entries in the database to work. Therefore, if you recently sent out a campaign, and you convert the statistics, the links will stop working.

To avoid this, phpList will only convert links for campaigns that are older than a week. So, there may be a need to run the conversion again a week later.