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Friendly Captcha plugin

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This plugin provides a Friendly Captcha field on subscribe forms. See for an explanation of Friendly Captcha.

You can select whether to include a captcha for each subscribe page individually.

If you specify a language for a subscribe page then the Friendly Captcha widget will be displayed in that language. Otherwise the widget will be displayed in the default language (probably the language indicated by the browser).


See the README file on the GitHub page for how to install or upgrade the plugin.


The text displayed by the plugin can be translated into other languages. See the file plugins/FriendlyCaptchaPlugin/lan/translations_en.php for the English version that can be used as the basis for another language. Each line in the file contains the English text then the equivalent text in the target language.

To create a new language file, copy translations\_en.php to translations_xx.php, where xx is the language code, then change the texts for your target language. You then need to login and then logout of phplist for the changes to be added to the database.

You can share your new language file by submitting it for inclusion in the plugin. Please create a topic in the user forum or an issue on GitHub.


Register to use Friendly Captcha

To use Friendly Captcha you will need to have a Friendly Captcha account, see

Settings page

On the Settings page you must specify the site key and the API key from your Friendly Captcha account

Subscribe pages

When you create or edit a subscribe page you can select to include a Friendly Captcha widget when that page is displayed. The default is to not include the widget. You can also select the dark theme for the Friendly Captcha widget.


Please raise any questions or problems in the user forum