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This is now outdated. Use Docker instead. (May 2017)

phpList virtual machine

In order to work on phpList, you may try to set up the virtual machine with phpList.

You will need VirtualBox for this.

Once you have VirtualBox installed, you can download the phpList virtual machine.

When you set up the virtual machine, you need to make sure it gets an IP address in your local network. To do that, set the network adapter to be a Bridged Adapter.

Fire up the machine, and wait until you get the login prompt

phplist login:

Type username phplist, password phplist

Once you're in, run the command


to find the IP address of your server, on the line where it says inet addr

In my case the address is

Now go to your browser and load

I have put the IP address in my hosts file, and pointed “” to it. As a result, I load in my browser.

Login is “admin/phplist”.

You can now also ssh to the machine, using

ssh -l phplist
type password phplist

The machine is set to update the code every hour. To change the location of the code, and point to your own clone, you need to do the following, once logged in to the machine

cd phplist
git remote remove origin; 
git add remote origin

After that, it will run on your own clone of the phpList code.


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