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 +County:​Counties in the UK
 +Aberconwy and Colwyn
 +Argyll & Bute
 +Bath & North East Somerset
 +Blaenau Gwent
 +Brighton & Hove
 +Caernarfonshire & Merionethsire
 +Channel Islands
 +City of Aberdeen
 +City of Belfast
 +City of Derry
 +City of Dundee
 +City of Edinburgh
 +City of Glasgow
 +Dumbarton & Clydebank
 +Dumfries & Galloway
 +East Ayrshire
 +East Dunbartonshire
 +East Lothian
 +East Renfrewshire
 +East Riding of Yorkshire
 +East Sussex
 +Greater London
 +Hereford & Worcester
 +Isle of Anglesey
 +Isle of Man
 +Isle of Wight
 +Kingston upon Hull
 +Merthyr Tydfil
 +Milton Keynes
 +Neath and Port Talbot
 +Newcastle Upon Tyne
 +Newry and Morne
 +North Ayrshire
 +North Down
 +North East Lincolnshire
 +North Lanarkshire
 +North Lincolnshire
 +North Somerset
 +North Tyneside
 +North Yorkshire
 +Orkney Islands
 +Perthshire & Kinross
 +Redcar & Cleveland
 +Rep. of Ireland
 +Shetland Islands
 +South Ayrshire
 +South Gloucestershire
 +South Lanarkshire
 +South Tyneside
 +St. Helen'​s
 +The Borders
 +Vale of Glamorgan
 +West Lothian
 +West Sussex
 +Western Isles
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