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 +==== About this wiki ====
 +  ​
 +This is a collection of resources to support the use of phpList, the Open Source newsletter manager. It is written, edited and translated by members of the phpList community. If you are interested in helping out, join the [[https://​​lists/​listinfo/​phplist-developers|developers mailinglist]] and post your request to become an editor. Due to the previous wiki being filled with junk, **write access is granted on request only**. ​
 +This wiki uses [[http://​|Dokuwiki]] ​
 +The reasons for choosing Dokuwiki were the following:
 +  - pages are stored as plain text. This makes it easier to manage them, and integrate them into phpList itself.
 +  - good translation mechanism that allows community translations of these pages.
 +  - plugin system that allows extending the functionality to match the requirements of the phpList community.
 +  - good documentation on the Dokuwiki site.
 +  - vibrant community of Dokuwiki developers and users.
 +  - user friendly interface and good editing facility
 +To get the most out of using this site you may want to get familiar with Dokuwiki.
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